Nevakar Injectables Team and Community

Social Responsibility In-Action at Nevakar

Nevakar Injectables is dedicated to bring better healthcare to patients who need it. We also believe that we have a social responsibility to our employees and community at large. We believe in mentoring and developing the future growth of tomorrow’s leaders.  Our beliefs are strengthened by our participation in and commitment to:

  1. NJ STEM programs
  2. Tri County Scholarship program – high school scholarship program
  3. Rutgers University’s Future Scholars – high school  scholarship program
  4. Rutgers University’s Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship program 
  5. Rutgers University’s Pharmacy Intern Program
  6. “Insights into Pharma Careers” – presentation to high school students

We believe that employees who look forward to their work every day, who feel like they are a member of a team of collaborators, and who know they will also receive support in a variety of ways, will make Nevakar Injectables a better company. We help ensure the future of Nevakar Injectables by investing in those who help build it – and that could be you.