Hospital Injectables

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Hospital Injectables Drug Market

Hospital injectables is a $624.5 Billion market in the US. We have focused on critical care, post-operative pain management, and hospital infections as our main therapeutic areas of development.

Our proprietary, innovative, Ready-To-Use branded injectable products will streamline getting these critical medications to patients.

Nurse giving an injection to a patient at the hospital

Hospital Injectables Pipeline


In the US, there are over 300M surgeries performed each year and 65% of patients reported having moderate to severe post-operative pain, despite the availability of approved analgesics.

There is a strong need for novel, non-opioid, multimodal therapy that can easily be administered in the postoperative period.

Nevakar Injectables’ novel approach should improve and simplify post-operative pain management.

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Despite advances in the medication practices of hospital systems across the country, life-saving critical care medications continue to be admixed and administered sub-optimally.

These drugs contain molecules that degrade easily and require tedious preparation steps before they can be administered safely to patients; steps that lead to time unwanted delays when seconds matter and increase costs to fiscally-constrained hospitals.

Nevakar Injectables’ mission is to make existing drugs safer and easier to administer

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Treatment of Hospital infections in the US account for about $10 billion in annual healthcare expenditures. Gram-positive infections, caused by organisms such as staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae, and enterococcus have an outer lipid cell membrane, and are a major cause of morbidity, mortality and cause complicated infections of many different tissues such as the skin, bloodstream, heart, lung, meninges, bone, and joints.

Nevakar Injectables has developed a proprietary and potentially safer and efficacious approach to overcome these life-threatening infections

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