Acute Pain

Close up of IV drip in emergency room.


In the US, there are over 300 million surgeries performed each year and 65% of patients reported having moderate to severe post-operative pain, despite the availability of approved analgesics. Many of these patients receive opioids to treat this pain which can lead to side effects and increase the risk of opioid dependence.  Multimodal therapy for pain is a process whereby analgesics with different mechanisms of action are combined to provide superior analgesia than what could be obtained by using the drugs individually. 

There is a strong need for novel, non-opioid multimodal therapy that can easily be administered in the postoperative period.  Nevakar Injectables has created a fixed dose combination of a gabapentinoid that functions by binding to the alpha 2-delta subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels combined with acetaminophen to effectively and safely manage post-operative pain while decreasing the need for opioid analgesia.  This novel approach should improve and simplify post-operative pain management.

Acute Pain

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NVK009Acute Pain
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