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Nevakar Injectables’ business model focuses on repositioning and repurposing existing drugs to address unmet needs that are patient and health care system centric. Nevakar Injectables’ unique ideation and pipeline development process allows us to accelerate discovery, development and commercial launch.

We call this novel approach NuPharmingTM.


Hospital Injectables

Hospital Injectables is an underserved market presenting significant patient and healthcare system value. Suboptimal products and delivery are key unmet needs in this market.

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The global hospital injectables market is $624.5 billion5

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313 million surgeries are performed in US each year6

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There are 1.7 million US hospital-acquired infections leading to 99 thousand deaths annually7

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Hospital costs in US for critically ill patients have doubled in the past decade to $108 billion8

Our Pipeline

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